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The hotel is located 5 minutes from the A83 motorway exit, 15 minutes from Nantes-Atlantique airport and 20 minutes from Nantes train station. There is a shuttle service between the Abbaye de Villeneuve hotel and the city centre of Nantes (service on request, at an additional cost).

Les Sorinières

The small town and the Abbaye de Villeneuve hotel invite walkers and hikers to take the path along the river in the Filée park, located 250 meters, or the Petite Meilleraie-la-Forêt park. Easy, green and delightful experience.

Bike rental available on request (*additional fees apply)

De notre hôtel, partez pour une balade formidable.


The Grand-Lieu Lake & House

A nature getaway on this 6,000-hectare domain of water and vegetation which is home to 270 species of birds, as many plants and 30 types of fish. The lake is classified as nature reserve.

La région possède un riche patrimoine, à découvrir.


Saint-Philibert Abbey

Do not miss this 9th century jewel, a rare example of Carolingian architecture, so well preserved as evidenced by its impressive pillars, near the Grand-Lieu lake (Loire-Atlantique). The building is surrounded by a garden where the monks of the convent used to grow medicinal plants.

Nantes (Loire-Atlantique)

On the banks of the river Loire, the city (320,000 inhabitants) boasts a dynamic and lively atmosphere. It cultivates the beautiful art of living that the river, its countryside and the nearby ocean (50 km away) offer. On the agenda: Bouffay district, a testimony to the origins of the city (castle of the Dukes of Brittany, cathedral, narrow streets lined with lively bistros), the Ile de Nantes for a walk along the quays, in the gardens and the discovery of extraordinary machines, and finally Graslin, to climb to the top of the Brittany Tower, to visit the museum of the Abolition of Slavery, to go to the theatre before having dinner in a fancy brasserie. And don’t forget to applaud the Canaris when they play football at the Beaujoire stadium!

A 10 minutes de notre hôtel, découvrez la ville de Nantes et ses mille et une idées de sorties-découvertes.


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One night at the Abbaye de Villeneuve hotel + breakfast for two

Dinner + one night at the Abbaye de Villeneuve hotel + breakfast for two

Take advantage of gift vouchers for a smart and charming stay at the Abbaye de Villeneuve hotel, 4 star hotel with swimming pool and private parking, 15 minutes from Nantes.

The Castle of the Dukes of Brittany

It is the ground zero of the city of Nantes, its historic heart, and a symbol of its influence on the region. Built in the 15th century by François II, the father of Anne of Brittany, the ducal residence became the Nantes History Museum in 1990. Some 32 rooms and 1,150 pieces of art sweep through 1,000 years of evolution, from the construction of the castle to current projects, via the Revolution, the triangular trade and the two World Wars.

Châteaux, musées, moulins... De l'Abbaye de Villeneuve, découvrez une région riche en patrimoine.


A ne pas manquer à Nantes, les incroyables Machines de l'île.


The Machines
of the Island

This spectacular attraction is located in the former shipyards on the Ile de Nantes. Inspired by the imaginary worlds of Jules Verne and Leonardo da Vinci, and a tribute to Nantes’ industrial past, they were inaugurated in 2007. A giant elephant (12 m high) takes its passengers on a ride, the Carrousel des mondes marines is a huge merry-go-round and all Nantes residents await the commissioning of the Heron Tree, 50 m in diameter and 50 m in height, which will invite you to travel between the hanging gardens and to fly in the company of the migrant…

The Jules-Verne Museum

The precursor of science-fiction literature is born in Nantes (1828), and is commemorated in a vast bourgeois house on the Butte Sainte-Anne. Discover manuscripts, illustrations, portraits and personal objects.

Découvrez les alentours de notre hôtel et notamment le riche patrimoine de la région..



The town (7,000 inhabitants) enjoys paradoxes. On the one hand, its medieval castle and its market hall, its Romanesque church surrounded by peaceful alleys, a landscape that evokes Tuscany, cellars celebrating the surrounding vineyards, etc. In a word, it’s pure magic. And on the other hand, the biggest metal music festival, the Hellfest. It brings together 200,000 fans of Metallica, Gun’N Roses, Alice Cooper or Judas Priest, those rockers who open the gates of hell. During this event, the nights in Clisson are shorter!

Animal Park

Wild animals’ territory, Bush path, Jungle temple, Safari trail, Sea park… With these sites’names, the tone is set: in Port Saint-Père (Loire-Atlantique), over 5 hectares, the Planète sauvage animal park features more than 1,000 animals of 120 species. From the lion to the hippopotamus and the zebra, via the giraffe and the elephant, the immersion in Africa is a real success!

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